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Encrypting the Scientific and Technological information (S&T) to the public media; disseminating Scientific and Technological applications into the life in order to connect the Science and Technology to the community are the missions of public communication on Science and Technology during the renovation period.

S&T Media delegation visited Busadco plant manufacturing reinforced concrete with thin walls (Ba Ria City).

According to Mr. Nghiem Vu Khai, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology: Scientific and Technological media has the role of introducing national and international outstanding achievements, for example: the Scientific and Technological applications contributing to the socio-economic growth and development. However, currently, the propagation of the Science and Technology is unsynchronized, uncommon, unfocused, lack of mechanisms and coordination plan between units of the Ministry of Science and Technology, between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Departments of Science and Technology, the Scientific and Technological organizations and public media agencies. It is one of the limitations making the Science and Technology not meet the practical requirements of socio-economic development. At the workshop on "Enhancing professional skills for the Scientific and Technological media staffs of the whole country” held on 28th June in Vung Tau City, the media experts in Scientific and Technological field stated the strengths and limitations of the local areas about Scientific and Technological communication. The fact showed that the investment of funds and staffs working in the field of science and technology communication in the local areas has been limited. Therefore, the communication of science and technology field has followed the old trail without any innovations.

Master Nguyen Khanh Thuong, Faculty of Journalism & Communication - University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Ho Chi Minh City) said the Scientific and Technological information was not plentiful as well as very complex that made it not attractive as other information in social life. Meanwhile, most of them were compiled in the form of scientific reports, so people found it difficult to read. Master Nguyen Khanh Thuong assumed in order that the communication of Science and Technology can be more effective, all Scientific and Technological communication staffs should know how to "encrypt" the language of science into daily language to easily bring the science and technology to the people and the community. Besides, the propagation of the Science and Technology was not only the journalists, the communication staffs but also the coordination of the scientists, the scientific and technological organizations including the institutes, the universities playing an important role in disseminating the knowledge and propagating the research achievements. It was the shortest way to bring the scientific and technological initiatives applying into practical production.

Mr. Thai Quoc Viet, the Deputy Director of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Informatics and Scientific & Technological Information Center said, according to the draft action plan about Scientific & Technological and development phase 2013-2020, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province considered the science and technology as the motive force to develop the productive force, enhance the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. The Scientific & Technological activities had had many positive contributions in improving the intellectual level, especially people in rural areas, promoting the development of the agriculture. Having these achievements because Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province had implemented well the communication of the science and technology for last time. According to Mr. Viet, nowadays, one of the solutions to promote the scientific and technological communication activities in the country was the close corporation between the scientists and the journalists to transform the scientific and technological information which was difficult to write, hard to understand, lacked attractiveness into the understandable and daily/common information to the community. "A scientific research works, a creative idea, a new technology will not be valuable if it is unpopular and cannot be applied in the reality" – Mr. Viet said.

In order that the scientific and technological communication activities can be diversified and effective, according to the Deputy Minister of Science & Technology – Mr. Nghiem Vu Khai, besides the mass media; the science and technology sector should make a common consent defining an annual day called "Day of Science and Technology" or "Innovation Day" to encourage the scientific community and the society to emulate to create and apply the scientific and technological progress in production and life; enhancing the potential and position of national science and technology. This was an opportunity for businesses, community and society to interact and exchange with the scientists; approach and learn about the scientific and technological knowledge; show the gratitude, honoring of the scientific and technological contributions as well as achievements ...





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