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Continuously for 20 years, since 1995, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations has been coordinating with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the Central of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union... to implement the project of organization of The Vietnam Fund for Supporting Scientific and Technological Creations VIFOTEC (the Vietnam Science and Technology Creations now). The prize has been awarded to the scientists who are the authors of works with scientific and economic - social value.

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Article 2: Being determined to prevent the flood situation

Recently, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development Company (Busadco) is urgently directing the subordinate units to try their best to minimize the flooded places before the rainy season; and all solutions is ready for ensuring the fastest drainage. The company is determined to prevent the prolonged flood situation from occurring.

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Article 1: The worry of flood during the rainy season

Like many other cities in the whole country, for many years, Vung Tau City has still faced the flood situation on many urban streets whenever there was any heavy and lasting rain.

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For last years, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Devlopment One Member Limited Company (Busadco) has grown ceaselessly and developed rapidly. Busadco was conferred the title Hero of Labor and many other noble rewards by the President. To get such accomplishments, it is thanks to the Talented Captain - Labor Hero, Dr. Hoang Duc Thao - Chairman cum General Director of Busadco. He is the person who has owned three Vietnamese records including: "The person has the most projects winning prizes of scientific and technological creation organizations; the first Vietnamese won the most prizes of international scientific and technological creation organizations; leader of scientific and technological enterprise winning the most prizes of national and international scientific and technological creation organizations.” and hundreds of great awards

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On March 27th, Central Committee Member, Minister of Science and Technology (S&T), Nguyen Quan visited some scientific and technological enterprises in Thai Binh Province. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Giang - Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Thai Binh Province accompanied with the delegation.

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