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The PPC issued the Decision No.1382/QĐ-UBND dated 18th June 2013 on approving the project for researching and applying the precast reinforced concrete technical trenches with thin walls in laying-out the provincial urban technical infrastructure underground.

Installation of technical trenches on internal roads at Vung Tau tourist market

When the urban areas in the province are invested in construction, renovation and extension of traffic roads according to the planning, it is necessary to design the technical infrastructure works synchronously, install underground wires and pipelines in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Urban Planning.

In which, the application and installation of Busadco precast reinforced concrete technical trenches with thin walls are given priority. The reinforced concrete technical trenches with thin walls will be invested using the provincial budget for the projects of construction, renovation and extension of traffic roads in urban areas according to the planning; for the projects of laying-out the technical infrastructure systems underground on existing traffic roads in urban areas, Busadco will borrow concessionary credit from the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam and other soft loans to implement; for the urban development projects, the capital for investing the technical trenches will be implemented by using the capital source of investors.

The application route is fixed as follows: from 2013 to 2014, there are some pilot projects on several traffic roads in Vung Tau City where there are many technical wires in the air; after that, the summarization, evaluation and learning from experience will be carried out and a report will be submitted to the PPC before mass deployment in Vung Tau & Ba Ria Cities in the period from 2015- 2017. The PPC also assigned the Department of Construction, Department of Planning and Investment and Department of Finance to act as a counselor to help the PPC in State management of planning, investment, construction and management of the system of technical trenches in the province; in promulgating regulations on common managing and using infrastructure projects including technical trenches; in promulgating encouraging and incentive mechanism and policy for supporting investment projects in construction of technical trenches; in setting up a price for hiring invested technical trenches using the state budget to be applied uniformly in the province.

It is reported that the technical trenches of Busadco have many advantages and are the most advanced underground technical infrastructure at present. Currently, the products have been applied in 48/63 provinces throughout the country and exported abroad. There are 12 provinces and cities issuing the guidelines of applying Busadco technology in their areas, especially ODA multilateral cooperation projects such as the World Bank, ADB.