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The PPC has just issued the Decision on applying BUSADCO precast reinforced concrete technical trenches with thin walls in laying out the urban technical infrastructure underground in the whole provincial area.

Accordingly, when investing in new construction, renovation and expansion of roads in urban areas according to the planning, the investors must design synchronously technical infrastructure works on the roads. In which, applying precast reinforced concrete technical trenches with thin walls is given priority on the principles of ensuring economic and technical efficiency. In the period from 2013 to 2014, some roads which have technical lines in the aerial with favorable ground in Vung Tau City will be piloted applying the technical trenches and laying the infrastructure underground. In the period of 2015- 2017, it will be deployed the application on a large scale in Vung Tau and Ba Ria cities. From 2015 onwards, the new investment project on construction, renovation, expansion of urban roads according to the planning and urban development projects in the province will be considered to apply the precast reinforced concrete technical trenches with thin walls to construct synchronously. After 2018, it will be applied in the whole province.

In addition, according to the Decision of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, for urban development projects: the precast reinforced concrete technical trenches with thin walls are invested in constructing synchronously by capital source of the investors. For projects of laying out infrastructure works underground on the existing roads in urban areas: the PPC allows BUSADCO to ask for a loan from concessional credit fund of Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam and other concessional resources for investing synchronous construction and renting out systems of urban technical trenches

The PPC assigns the task of cooperation to implement the scheme to the Department of Construction, Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Finance. BUSADCO is the unit directly implement this task.





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