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At the ceremony honoring 10 typical events of Science and Technology in 2012, the Labor Hero Hoang Duc Thao was delighted to share: This was the time for Vietnamese businesses could develop science and technology and apply them in practicality.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau Urban Sewerage And Development Company (BUSADCO) came to the Gala honoring 10 typical events of Science and Technology in 2012 held at the office of Vietnam television with a great pride of an enterprise doing business and manufacturing in the field of science and technology.

Operating in the field of building material technology, biology and mechanical engineering, BUSADCO is the pioneer in the science and technology sector of the country with a series of national and international awards. With the honor of the first Scientific and Technological business of Vietnam which was certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology, BUSADCO was also certified being the first Scientific and Technological business in Vietnam by Organization of international scientific and technological innovation. BUSADCO is also the business having the most international awards in this field.

As BUSADCO’s representative coming to attend the program of 10 typical events of Science and Technology in 2012 at S10 studio, the Labor Hero, Chairman cum General Director - Mr. Hoang Duc Thao said, this was a favorable time for Vietnamese businesses to develop the Science and Technology and apply in the practicality.

“According to my personal opinion, in the field of science and technology, there has never been such a good opportunity condition as today. Because in this year, there are two great events, one is the 6th Central Resolution of Science and Technology and the other is the Government’s issuance of the Scientific and Technological strategy. The two above events show great political willpower. Whereby, an appropriate policy and mechanism will be issued, free binding and create opportunities for the scientists to research and innovate to serve our country”, the Labor Hero Hoang Duc Thao said.

BUSADCO has successfully researched and applied 22 scientific works in 45/63 provinces and cities. These products of Busadco have been chosen and used by both multilateral and bilateral ODA projects funded by World Bank (WB). As revealed by the Chairman, General Director Hoang Duc Thao, BUSADCO would widely apply technical trenches in 2013 to upgrade Vietnamese urban under the national target program.

Predicting the Scientific and Technological sector of the country in the coming years, The Chairman of Busadco assumed that the development of Science and Technology in 2013 would depend on the new mechanism and policy which would be issued early or late for creating the premise for individuals and organizations to continue research and creation.

“The reform of financial mechanism in science and technology should also be concerned because the characteristic of Vietnam is the scientists using funds from the State budget for scientific research. This issue relates to the financial mechanism in the disbursement and final settlement. It is necessary to improve the financial mechanisms, working method, working organization for scientists so that they can freely create and bring out innovative research. In addition to the responsibility for their research, their products must be effective and can cover the cost”, Labor Hero Hoang Duc Thao proposed.

The Gala honoring 10 typical events of Science and Technology in 2012 was closed, the Labor Hero Hoang Duc Thao said that he was deeply impressed by Son La Hydropower works. This is the works having great significance to the society and economy of the country. The works is a combination of all technology operations and management and operation ability of Vietnamese.





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